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Peran Nutrisi dalam Mendukung Pertumbuhan Sawi, Selada, Kangkung, dan Bayam dalam Sistem Hidroponik secara Organik



This study aims to examine the role of organic nutrient in supporting the growth of mustard green, lettuce, kangkong, and spinach are grown organically in a hydroponic system. The study was conducted in farmers’ fields from May to November 2009. The experiment was arranged using Completely Block Randomized Design, the type of nutrients as treatment, which includes the Bio Nutrition, HB-101, and Ab-Mix for comparison. Treatment units in each commodity consists of 20 plants arranged in a plastic pots containing a mixture of charcoal husk media and granular organic fertilizer (3:1 by weight). Each treatment unit is repeated 10 times. Observed variables were plant height, stem diameter, leaf number, and as well as fresh and dry weight yields. The results showed that the growth rate and yields achieved in the Bio-nutrient is lower than the AB-Mix, but higher than HB-101. The yield of mustard green, lettuce, kangkong, and spinach in the Bio-nutrition treatment eached 59,9%, 87,8%, 26,7%, and 49,1% compared AB-Mix and reached 136,8%, 132,7%, 108,6% and 111,6% compare HB-101, respectively.

Keywords: nutrient, hydroponic, organic


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