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Potensi Beberapa Jenis Tanaman Umbi-umbian di DKI Jakarta dalam rangka Mendukung Percepatan Swasembada Pangan


Until recently, rice is the staple food of Indonesian society, so it will need to be very high commodity rice. This of course would threaten the stability of food in Indonesia. In Jakarta, the population has reached more than 12.7 million inhabitants (2014), of course in the the foreseeable future will continue to grow. This is impacting on the need for rice, because it causes the rice needs to be very high. Diverse array of species and varieties of plants owned by our country, opening up opportunities for the development of food crops have become agribusiness activities to support the acceleration of food self-sufficiency, to encouraging local food crops, such as sweet potato, taro and ganyong. Plant tubers contain many nutrients, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins as well as calcium, phosphorus, Ferrum (iron), vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin C. These plants suitable for use as a raw material agro-flour and used as diverse types of snacks high value, among other things, sticks taro, taro cake, potato cake, taro roll, roll potatoes, brownies, donuts, dodol, mocha, ice cream, noodles and others. Of the potential of this tuber crops studies conducted activities aimed to determine the potential of some types of root crops to be cultivated and developed in Jakarta in order to support the acceleration of food self-sufficiency. This assessment activities carried out from April to December 2014 was held on 2 farmer groups, namely farmers group “Cempaka” Green Garden – North Jakarta and in farmers group “Mawar” Ciracas Sub Dsitrict – east Jakarta. This research is a randomized block design (RAK). Type plant bulbs, used, among others: Sukuh, Antin, Beta, Sari, BENIAZUMA, Talas and Canna. Results of the study, showed that, sweet potato, that adapt in Cempaka Farmers Group – North Jakarta is the sweet potato. Weight potato/plants, resulting from Sari varieties, namely: (782,17 g/plant), Antin 1 (489,83 g), Sukuh (364,67 g), and Beta 1 (330,33 g). While on location in WK,East Jakarta, plant tubers are adaptable and can be developed is Ganyong (776,0 g/plant) and Talas (242,0 g/TNM).

Keywords: potential, sweet potato, taro, ganyong


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