"vertikultur" Leading in Urban Agriculture

This assessment is one of the technology to anticipate the narrowness of the productive land in Greater Jakarta, as well as respond to the needs of society to consume safe food and safe cultivated.

Cultivation of vegetables has long been rumored vertically to urban areas, but technically have never done research or study. To support the success vertikultur organic vegetables, a very important factor to note is that in terms of nutrient adequacy. Therefore, the assessment of organic fertilizer as the sole source of plant nutrients in vertikultur system is still badly needed.

The assessment indicated that: 1) liquid organic fertilizer (product BPTP) combined with organic growing media to meet crop nutrient needs replacing chemical fertilizers on commodities lettuce, spinach and kale. 2) Media compost provides a better effect than the media of pellets, but on commodities that have a longer plant life, the media pellets give better effect than the compost media. 3) From the aspect of effectiveness, social and economical, organic vegetable cultivation technology vertikultur have the opportunity to be developed mainly on limited land.

Based on the results of these assessments of technology developed through the activities of visitors plots began in 2009 and modified to be more practical technology workmanship. In addition to the visitors the plot, the technology was promoted at each event exhibitions both within government and Kemtan. On the occasion of an open house, vertikultur vegetables is a technology pull the attention of visitors. The impact of the campaign finally there is often a demand package vertikultur vegetables, both of Sudin and Agricultural Service, the PKK Mothers to Mothers Women's Darma good for exhibition purposes, or for their own consumption.



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