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Technology Utilization of Industrial Waste Know as Organic Fertilizer and Biogas

The tofu industry in Jakarta and surrounding areas is growing. A total of 315 business units with total production of tofu reached 108.675.000 kg / yr. The results of the processing industry know leaving waste in the form of solid waste and liquid waste. One way to overcome the negative impact of tofu industry waste is to use it by processing it into another product. Nevertheless, the study of the utilization of tofu waste has not been done comprehensively. Therefore, an in-depth study on the utilization of tofu waste as organic fertilizer and alternative energy (biogas) is still needed to support the development efforts of urban agricultural bioindustry.

The assessment consists of three stages of the activity covering (1) Testing of organic fertilizer production and biogas from tofu industry waste through mini scale biogas digestion process (volume 1000 l), (2) Testing effectiveness of solid and liquid organic fertilizer slurry biogas of tofu waste on lettuce, caisim , and greenhouse-scale onion, and (3) Assessment of effectiveness of solid and liquid organic fertilizer slurry biogas of tofu waste on field lettuce, caisim, and onion scale. Differences between treatments at laboratory and greenhouse level testing were determined using the Varian Analysis followed by Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) for greenhouse level testing and t-test for field-level assessments.

The results of the study indicate that (1) the chemical characteristics of solid and liquid organic fertilizer production of biogas slurry of tofu waste have a lower classification than solid and liquid organic fertilizer quality standards in accordance with Permentan 24/2011. Nevertheless, it is still potential to be used as a promoter of plant growth with consideration of the elements of a bit, hormones and like hormones and other secondary metabolites commonly produced in a process of decomposition, whether derived from the substance of organic materials or products of microbial metabolites short composition; (2) the effectiveness of biogas composted slurry manure on tofu lettuce, mustard greens, and onions is generally equivalent to comparative organic fertilizer. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of liquid waste fertilizer know tends to be lower than comparative liquid fertilizer. There is a tendency to decrease the growth rate and yield of lettuce, caisim, and onion on the treatment of liquid organic fertilizer of tofu waste; (3) The effectiveness of compost and liquid fertilizer of slurry biogas of tofu waste at field scale is generally lower than comparative fertilizer, both to comparable fertilizer of similar type and NPK.