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Study of Postharvest Handling of Vegetables to Extend Period by Drying, Immersion and Use of Appropriate Packaging in DKI Jakarta

Jakarta is the center of commerce of various types of horticultural products, including vegetables that come from various regions manufacturer in Indonesia. Cold storage required for vegetables are perishable commodities, such as pok choy. Cold storage aims to reduce respiration, slow the aging process, slow withering, reduce the level of damage caused by microbial activity and reduce kemugkinan growth of shoots or roots, while drying technology vegetables done so that vegetables can be stored in other forms, besides vegetables becomes easier in storage and has a shelf life of relatively longer. Postharvest handling of vegetables in Jakarta in general have not done well, therefore this study needs to be done. This assessment was conducted in BPTP Jakarta by involving farmer groups Jati Songo group which is located in RW 09, Middle Village, District of Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

Pokcoy immersion studies conducted using completely randomized design, with three replications. The treatment consists of two (2) factors, the first factor is the treatment crisping (soaking in warm water) with three levels: T1 = 55 0C temperature water immersion, water temperature immersion T2 = 450C and T3 = 350C soaking water temperature. The second factor is a storage area, ie P1 = refrigerator, show case and P2 = P3 = Styrofoam box that was filled with broken ice. Parameter observations made are changes in weight and organoleptic changes. If there is a real effect continued by Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at 5% level.

Study of drying performed using factorial completely randomized design with two (2) treatment factors and 4 (four) times repetition. Factors studied were pre treatment with two levels of treatment, namely (1) Blancing and (2) Not Blancing and factor into 2 is soaking with three (3) the standard treatment, using the material shredded different, namely (1) Ordinary water, (2) Sodium metabisulphite (3 g / l) and (3) salt water (2 g / l). The parameters include the physical and chemical observations. Physical parameters include yield, time of rehydration and colors, while chemical parameters tested were the nutritional composition includes proximate analysis and vitamin C.

The results showed that the best treatment is pokcoy with water soaking treatment at a temperature of 350 C and kept at refrigerator can be maintained freshness for up to 4 days. Drying is best radish vegetable radish dried without blancing done beforehand soaked with salt water. Types of aluminum foil and plastic packaging Polypropilen can be used for packing vegetables and dried radish quality can be maintained up to 56 weeks.