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Ginger-Roselle Functional Drinks To Increase the Value Added of Ginger and Roselle

Ginger and roselle have great potential to be a health beverage. Most of food processing farmer groups in Jakarta have been producing ginger or roselle based products, but less varied. Therefore, it is still open opportunities for the diversification of both products to be a marketable product which have a good market opportunity. One of the alternatives is the development of ginger-roselle tea and ready to drink beverage which can give the freshness on the body and can protect the body from many diseases, especially degenerative diseases. Therefore, Jakarta Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (Jakarta AIAT) had conducted a study aimed to 1) developed a formula of functional ready to drink beverage made from ginger-roselle, 2) developed a formula of ginger-roselle tea which accepted and preferred by consumers. The result showed that the best formula for ginger-rosella ready to drink beverage was the formula with a ratio of 75% ginger and 25% roselea. While the best formula of ginger-roselle tea was the formula with a ratio of 5 grams of instant ginger : 2 grams of ginger powder : 2 grams of roselle.