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Corn, soybeans and green beans

"Ever hear the term Jalejo?" Jalejo stands of corn, soybeans and green beans. Jalejo is a composite of three types of flour food, namely corn, soybeans and green beans. Jakarta Government through the Department and the Office of Agriculture and Forestry has started to introduce jalejo flour as raw material for making various foods. Jalejo nutrient content per 100 grams of flour, which is 18.9 grams protein, 94 mg calcium, iron 4.9 mg, calories 397 calories, vitamin A 322 SI and 0.62 mg Vitamin B1 (Department of Agriculture, 2008).

Jalejo flour has high protein content, so it can be used as additional baby food with milk mix into a slurry (solids), in addition jalejo flour can also be used to manufacture various kinds of processed foods. Utilization jalejo flour can be used in conjunction with other starchy, such as wheat flour, therefore, could substitute wheat flour jalejo. In addition, the use of flour jalejo very good for people with autism because it contains no flour.

BPTP Jakarta has studied the use of flour Jalejo of food products in the fuel, fried and steamed. The food in the form of cakes, donuts and steamed sponge. Based on the results of the study showed that the flour can replace wheat jalejo on the type of processing which amounted to 30-60 percent with a level of joy that is still accepted by the consumer. Flour jalejo also can provide a brighter color in food resulting from the yellow color of corn flour, besides that due to raw material jalejo contain sugar levels so as to reduce the use of sugar in processed products.

As with the use of sweet potato flour, with the results of this study are many farmers who want to try using refined flour jalejo to make various kinds of preparations. For that, BPTP Jakarta always do mentoring groups in five areas in Jakarta. It is quite a positive response from the local government of DKI Jakarta, so in any activities related to the results of post-harvest processing, BPTP Jakarta always be involved to provide training materials relating to the preparations made from raw flour jalejo.