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Sweet potato

In order to succeed in a national food security program will need to be supported by local agricultural products utilization program by considering the availability of adequate food and nutritional value contained in the material adequately. Increasing the number of Indonesia's population growing every year also resulted in increased demand for consumption of food products based on wheat flour, like cake, bread, and noodles.

For the utilization of local agricultural products of carbohydrate sources (tubers, grains, fruits and sago) is potential and opportunity to replace the use of wheat flour in addition to increasing diversity of foods, raise levels of nutrition as well as the most important food is to better utilize and utilization of local agricultural products, so it does not depend on imported products.

The use of sweet potato as a source of carbohydrate is limited to the processing of fresh sweet potato into traditional processed products in the form of snacks or snacks, such as sweet potatoes boiled, fried, grilled, chips, getuk and other processed type. This makes the selling of these products is low and can not compete with other food products. Utilization of sweet potato flour as wheat flour substituents are expected to reduce imports of wheat flour and increase the value-added sweet potato.

The study BPTP Jakarta showed that sweet potato flour can be used to substitute wheat flour to 30% in the product donuts with flowers that are optimal power and has a characteristic that is favored consumers. For steamed sponge products still have a good characteristics even though substitution flour with sweet potato flour reached 60% and did not give a different effect on the addition of weight and power development (maturation rate) steamed sponge. Besides, the level of consumer preferences toward the use of 60% sweet potato flour on steamed sponge is still quite high. While the cake (baked cake) flour substitution with sweet potato flour can also reach 50%. Substitutions are able to produce a good cake, and preferred by consumers. In addition, the use of sweet potato flour may also reduce the use of sugar in processed products because sugary sweet potato flour.

Implementation of the results of the activity seen high demand for sweet potato flour by processing groups in Jakarta. So it is with Office and Office of Maritime Affairs and Agriculture in five areas in Jakarta are very keen to promote and support the use of sweet potato flour in various types processed in processing farm level through training which is accompanied by good practices carried out on its own farmers and in BPTP .