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Carrot juice Pineapple

Carrot and pineapple''I think this is worth selling, delicious and nutritious. I've tried it two glasses. This glass-three,''said Agriculture Minister Dr Period 2004-2009. Anton Apriyantono on one occasion in the Village Guesthouse, South Jakarta, July 2008.

It is true, wornas juice drinks made from a mixture of carrot juice and pineapple juice is one of the leading beverage processing product that is being developed by a group of women farmers (KWT) in Jakarta. Beverages that have health benefits and rich in these nutrients will always be found at the bazaar events, exhibitions and other similar events involving KWT Jakarta. But unfortunately, the drink is not explored to the optimum.

In processing, there are still many constraints faced by KWT mainly deals with production efficiency and product performance. Therefore, in the year 2009, Research Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP), Jakarta has done a research that aims to get the formulas and production processes that can improve product quality, equipment / machinery (Alsin) precisely in order to improve the efficiency of production and packaging technology competitive.

From these results showed that the best formula is most preferred by consumers is the ratio of carrot juice with a local wornas: carrot imports: pineapple = 4: 2: 3. The best formula is to have an attractive orange-red color with the aroma and taste typical carrot and pineapple. To obtain a good wornas sari was primarily to reduce sediment and fluid separation it should be carrot and pineapple dipped first 5 minutes in hot water. In addition, for the destruction of carrot and pineapple is better to use the machine grater than a blender because it is faster so they are efficient in terms of time spent. As for packing the recommended use PET plastic bottles of 250 ml because it will be easier for consumers to consume and can take them wherever they go.