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Replacement Waste Feed Bran

Rice bran is one of the feed material is quite commonly used in the preparation of rations for poultry and ruminants, but the price and availability sometimes be a problem. For the Jakarta area who market organic waste volume is quite high and can reach 4500 tons per day, is really a separate opportunity to create a concentrated animal feed ingredients or flour market organic waste (TLOP) in addition to liquid organic fertilizer. Solid material results in the form of waste treatment market mustard, cabbage, cauliflower and caisin / chinese cabbage, has a crude fiber content of 11.9%, 13.0% crude protein, and energy of 2460 kcal / kg.

The test was carried out giving TLOP duck at 160 for up to 30% bran substitution as a mixture of dry rice, bread crumbs, flour and premix lime, as well as shrimp shells. Mixed diet is given in the form of wet by the addition of sufficient water, for ducks to eat and easy to keep the feed is not in the wind. The result shows that the average daily egg production in groups of ducks fed diets replacing up to 30% bran was the highest, amounting to 80.5%. Use of TLOP in the diets of ducks to replace the rice bran and 30% did not result in decreased production of duck eggs and quality.