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Quality Standardization of Beer-Pletok

Bir-Pletok is a traditional drink belongs to Betawi people which have not only cultural but also has an economic values. This drink has been proclaimed as the signature drinks for welcoming the guest travelers coming to the City of Jakarta. However, it has always been produced by the Betawi people with a high level of diversity between the place of manufacture and other places in Jakarta. Diversity occurred in all aspects, including raw materials, means of production, packaging, taste, color, flavor and shelf life. Therefore, as suggested by the Government of DKI Jakarta that a standardized brewing procedure of Bir-Pletok is required to be developed which is to be used as  the reference to the quality assurance of the product.

Technological innovation for the standardization of Bir-Pletok brewing does not require any special treatment, provided that it follows the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), which has been prepared, starting from the manufacturing process, sterilizing bottles up to the packaging technique. The advantages of this innovation are products quality assurance, market competitiveness and sale values, which will become higher and the business sustainability of the processors will be more secured.

The spices used as the raw material for making the Bir-Pletok need to be carefully selected to have good quality. The composition of spices used in the making as much as 50 bottles of 250 ml Bir-Pletok is: 1 kg ginger, 2-3 pieces nutmegs, 10-15 grains of black pepper, 2 sticks (3x10 cm) mosohi wood, 15-20 grains cardamom, 5-10 pieces Java chili, 10 pieces clove, 5-10 grams cinnamon, 10 sticks lemongrass, 10 pieces pandan leaves, 0.5 ounce Secang wood, 10-12 liters water, 1-2 kg sugar and 1 tablespoon salt.

The brewing process of Bir-Pletok is: 1) Sorting and washing the herbs, 2) Reducing of herbs size, 3) Weighing ingredients, 4) Extraction with boiling water, 5) Screening/filtering, 6) Bottling, 7) Sterilization, 9) Refrigeration, 10) Labeling and sealing, 12). Storage.

The recommended standard operating procedures (SOP) of Bir-Pletok manufacturing process is as follows:

1. Spices are first washed to clean out of dirts.
2. Discarded the rotten parts
3. Spices are cut into small sizes, except the ginger which is thinly sliced.
4. All ingredients are weighed according to the formula.
5. Boil the water in an aluminium pot until the temperature reaches 95-105 °C.
6. Put all the ingredients into the pot, except the Secang wood and sugar, then the pot should be closed using the lid.
7. Let it stews for 30 minutes.
8. Put the Secang wood into the pot and let it boils for another 3-5 minutes until its color change to red.
9. Pick up all the ingredients out of the pot.
10. Filter the boiled water using a filtering cloth (10 mesh size).
11. Add sugar to the boiled water that has been filtered.
12. The liquid mixture is then re-boiled for 3-5 minutes, and then it is re-filtered using another filtering cloth (150 mesh size).
13. Bir-Pletok is ready to be served or bottling.
14. Bir-Pletok could be packaged in a 250 ml plastic cup or bottle with translucent color in order to make this drink become more attractive and economical.