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Increasing Productivity of Rice Fields Farming in North Jakarta

The PRIMA TANI program in rice field agro ecosystems of Rorotan area in North Jakarta, has entered the 3rd year. Various activities have been carried out, ranging from the socialization program at various levels up to the application of technological innovations on farm land that became the Agribusiness Laboratory. The spreading of technological and institutional innovations application to other areas surrounding the location of PRIMA TANI has also been carried out during this period.

In accordance with the Roadmap and Grand Design of PRIMA TANI, the program in the fiscal year 2007/2008 is focused on implementing the application of agricultural technology and institutional innovations, as well as the effort to develop institutions that are required to build an Agribusiness Laboratory at the Rorotan area of North Jakarta.

Some agricultural technology innovations that have been adopted by farmers participating in the PRIMA TANI program in Rorotan area include: PTT technological innovations in rice fields, rice-duck integration system using Mojosari-Alabio Cross meat duck or Tiktok, rice seed breeding technology development at the farm level, composting technology using rice-straw, as well as meat duck/Tiktok breeding technology. Institutional innovation that has been developed in the Agribusiness Laboratory includes the agricultural extension services and farmer groups (Gapoktan) institutions. Other institutions that responsible for irrigation, input supply, UPJA (Alsintan business service providers), and products marketing, are also covered under these two institutions.

Several technological components, according to the local needs, have been introduced in the demonstration plots of PTT technology innovations. These include: the use of VUTB Ciherang seedlings; the application of row planting system of Legowo 4:1 and 2:1; the application of Trap Barrier System (TBS) and Linear Barrier System (LBS) for pest or mice control; as well as the application of Trichogramma parasitoid to prevent stem borer attack.

The Ciherang rice variety and Legowo 2:1 planting system were used in the implementation of rice-duck integration system using Mojosari-Alabio Cross meat duck or Tiktok, and an artificial insemination(AI) technique was applied in the duck breeding system. The Seed Foundation class seed (FS) of Ciherang rice was used in the implementation of demonstration plots of rice seed breeding technology development at the farm level. In order to produce seeds which comply with the standard operation procedure (SOP), this activity was carried out in cooperation with the Quality Testing Center of Agricultural and Forest Certification office (BPMSHPHH), as an institution that will issue a certificate of the passing seeds. Seeds which are produced by farmers will be marketed through kiosks belongs to Gapoktan at the price of Rp. 4.250 per kg.

The technological innovation which is applied to the rice field agro ecosystems under Prima Tani program in the North Jakarta will be replicated to the East and West Jakarta regions. Replications are based on the similarity of the agro ecosystems and the request from farmers, extension officers and local government. The type of technologies applied will be relatively similar to those implemented in the North Jakarta, but it might be modified according to the local needs.