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(Liquid Organic Fertilizer HPS-1 (Prosperous Farmer hopes)

Fertilizer HPS-1 (Prosperous Farmer Hope-1) is one type of fertilizer produced by the Research Center for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) Jakarta, one of the scope of technical implementing unit Agricultural Research Agency. This fertilizer has been studied through various stages of research and testing that is used for the plant is safe and does not have a negative impact on the environment. Fertilizer production process under the guidance and direct supervision of BPTP Jakarta researchers who have expertise in the formulation of fertilizers, soil fertility, and plant cultivation.

HPS-1 fertilizer made from the extraction and fermentation of organic material healthy choices, free of heavy metal contamination and microbial pathogens. Excess HPS-1, but contains elements of macro-micro nutrient water soluble which can be directly absorbed through the roots and leaves of plants, are also capable of binding water and nutrients are labile, so avoid the process of washing (leaching) and binding (Fixation) by the solid complexes land.

Besides HPS-1 have organic substance (humat, fulvat, and humin) which play a role in increasing soil CEC. This liquid fertilizer can act as poisons detoksifikan compounds accumulate in the soil, and contain various enzymes, vitamins, and natural fitohormon desperately needed to support growth and increase crop yields.

Benefits and Advantages
Specifically, the HPS-1 have the benefits and advantages as follows:

1).  Increasing the availability of nutrient elements (N, P, K, Ca, Mg, and S) and micro nutrients (Mn, Mo, Fe, Cu, Co, and B) for the plant,  2) Improving the biological activity, physical properties and health, and ecological balance of soil, 3) It can reduce the loss of nutrients given as fertilizer, either lost through the process of evaporation, washing, or the binding of the complex solid ground,
4) Can improve the efficiency of fertilizer urea, TSP, and KCl up to 20%, 5) Improve the ability to store water in the soil, and
6) Can suppresses the activity of plant disease-causing pathogens.