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Hydroponics Technology Vegetables in Household Scale

Hydroponics become one of the options for the cultivation of an effective and efficient farm produce quality products. Hydroponically cultivated plants can grow well if the nutritional needs, air circulation and the appropriate media. The hindroponic cultivation in urban areas has grown due to limited urban household land. One of them through indoor hydroponics cultivation system. Using the concept of spot efficiency and the effectiveness of maintenance time, indoor hydroponics cultivation is designed using floating systems and lighting from LED lights.

The hydroponic scale assessment consists of two stages. First test using treatment; type of light source consists of two kinds that is using artificial light LED lamp 8 watts and light matari (at greenhouse), aeration and non aeration arrangement, and growing media consisting of zeolite, husk and rockwol. The commodities tested are pakchoy, lettuce, onion and you guys. The second phase of the field-scale assessment is conducted using the best planting media of greenhouse testing result and collecting cooperative perception data on this technology.

Based on the results of the test can be concluded that (1) artificial light (LED lights) can be processed plants for growth and development of plants. In commodity of bulbous plants (onion), artificial light (LED light) is not sufficient for tuber formation process, (2) non-aeration treatment does not inhibit plant growth. Average yield of aeration and non aeration treatment is proportional to its weight, (3) the best growing medium on indoor and outdoor hydroponics cultivation for vegetable commodities is zeolite. The best media in hydroponics cultivation for onion commodities (bulb) is husk.