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Adaptation Technology Some Red Onion Varieties In DKI Jakarta

Red onion (Allium ascalonicum L) is one of horticultural crops commodities consumed by the community as a mixture of seasoning after chilli. A lot of benefits of onion, among others: as a mixture of seasoning, onion extract, powder, essential oil, fried onions, medicinal ingredients to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, prevent blood clotting, lowering blood pressure and smooth blood flow. In addition, onion is also a horticultural commodity that has a high enough economic value and quite important to be developed in Indonesia.

The problem that is often faced by onion farmers is the fluctuation of the price is quite high, because at a certain time the production is abundant so the price of onion becomes very low, on the contrary at certain production decreases causing the price increase reaches 100-200% from the previous standard price, so beyond the reach of the purchasing power of the lower layers of society. To anticipate the occurrence of production shortages in the city, one way to meet the needs of onion is done by planting in pots / polybags on the scale of the household. With the condition of limited land, but still needed effort to fulfill household by doing development of onion cultivation in DKI Jakarta area.

So far, on shallot cultivation activities have been conducted in the area of ​​DKI Jakarta on the household scale. One of the obstacles faced by the community is the availability of red onion seeds. Because so far the seeds obtained with very limited both the number and type. To anticipate the needs of seeds, it is necessary to study the activities of some varieties of onion derived from seeds (TSS) and from tubers. The study was conducted in East Jakarta and North Jakarta. From the results of the study, it was shown that on onion (from tuber) on Bima varieties, at week 2 to week 7 gives higher plant height than in the other 4 varieties. But at week 8 there will be the same increase in plant height in both Mentes and Pikatan varieties. For harvest data, in East Jakarta, the largest number of tubers is obtained from Mentes variety (14,8). The highest weight / bulb is obtained on Trisulla variety (7.1 gr). While the weight of tuber / polybag highest obtained at varieties mentes (99,2 gr). For harvest data in North Jakarta, the largest number of tubers, weight / tuber and tuber weight / polybag obtained on Pikatan variety, that is 11,4. The highest weight / bulb in East Jakarta area is 7.1 gr, while in North Jakarta area is Pikatan variety (5,6 gr).

While the results of the study, using seeds (TSS), generally showed that plant height in the three varieties of TSS (Maserati, Trisulla and Pancasona) gave higher data than the height of plants obtained from North Jakarta area. There is a tendency that pancasona varieties of red onion plants both in North Jakarta and East Jakarta result in higher plant yields than the other 2 varieties. While on Trisulla varieties provide a shorter plant height than in the 2 varieties. In East Jakarta, the highest number of tubers was obtained from Trisulla varieties (2.55), weight / bulb obtained by pancasona varieties 29.45 and weight / polybag Pancasona varieties 55.96 gr. As for North Jakarta area, the largest number of tubers and tuber weight / polybag obtained in Pancasona varieties, each 2.5 tubers and 24.88 gr. While weight / bulb obtained on the varieties Maserati (19.90 gr).