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Jakarta AIAT formerly called Research and Assessment Installation of Agricultural Technology (RAIAT), is an office under the Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology in Lembang, West Java. RAIAT was formed in April 1995 by the Minister of Agriculture Decree No. 798/KPTS/OT.210/12/94.

In line with the development of technological situation and needs, finally in June 2001 by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 350/KPTS/OT.210/6/2001 RAIAT. RAIAT was upgraded to the status as a Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) for DKI Jakarta Province. AIAT in  parallel with other provinces (there are currently 33 AIAT in Indonesia, one in each province). AIAT is an Echelon III-A level institution and structurally under the Center for Research and Socio-Economic Development, Bogor Agricultural Techology.