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1. Muffle Furnace
2. Astel brand Autoclove
3. VV. Vis Spectrophotometer
4. Digestor
5. Moisture meters
6. Drying Oven
7. Water Bath
8. Flame Photometer
9. Laboratory mill retch
10. Centryfuge
11. Analytical Balance
12. pH meter
13. Extractor

pH meter, analytical balance, oven, extractor and centrifuge have been used and utilized  for the assessment of post harvest of starfruit and organic vegetables organic, the other are not optimally used as due to: (1) lack of supporting tools, such as the room for destruction and (2) laboratory personnel including laboratory technicians. Development plan on  laboratory of AIAT Jakarta for the future will focus on  in increasing the readiness of assessment laboratory on  agricultural post-harvest and livestock products as well as tissue culture.