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Socialization of Vinegar at South Jakarta Extension Meeting

Jakarta - (6/10/2017) In order to stabilize technological agricultural innovation in South Jakarta area, on Friday, October 6, 2017 South Jakarta trainers held weekly routine meetings in BPP Ragunan by inviting extension workers and researchers BPTP Jakarta as a resource. The material presented by Dr. Waryat, S.Pi, MP entitled Vinegar As Natural Preservative.

Vinegar is a natural preservative of fresh and processed products such as fresh chicken preservatives, meatballs and tofu. During this time the problem of chicken traders, meatballs and tofu is easy to decline product quality, short shelf life 1-2 days and the use of harmful preservatives such as formalin, because formalin can trigger the development of cancer cells, irritation of the respiratory tract, allergic to the skin and others. other if inhaled or swallowed. Vinegar is a preservative of formalin salt that is safe to use and does not cause disease, made from coconut water fermented aerobmenggun Sacharomices Vereviceae bacteria as starter, plus Amino Sulfate 0.33 g / l and Amino Phosphat 0.05 g / l resulting in a pH of 4.63. Use of vinegar in chicken, meatballs, and tofu only with 1% concentration alone can last for 7 days at room temperature and the product is still worth consuming. Use of vinegar in chicken is only dipped for three minutes, while for meatballs and tofu use soaked.

At the meeting. Waryat, S.Pi. MP said that the vinegar plan will be tested first in Tebet and Kebayoran Lama market before it is socialized to traders, and in the implementation will be accompanied by officers of Badan POM. After the field test vinegar will be socialized to chicken, tofu, and meatball traders by involving the Head of Market to present the traders in the socialization event.

The event closed with the advice of the Coordinator extension to be disseminated to the merchants should the extension agents who attended the meeting can participate in the practice of making vinegar in BPTP Jakarta.