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East Jakarta Farmers Develop Red Onions of Bima Varieties

East Jakarta, (11/10/17) - Farmers in the Ecofarming Garden Infantry Battalion 201 Jaya Yudha, East Jakarta, develop onion with Bima variety. The Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment Jakarta has conducted onion cultivation technology assistance since April 27, 2015.

Khasanah, East Jakarta onion farmer explained that onion planted with 45 m2 demplot can grow well and able to produce up to 52 kg from seeds as much as 7 kg. Fertilizer used is husk, chicken manure and chemical fertilizers such as: TSP and NPK.

According Khasanah, prefer to grow spinach vegetables, kale from onion, because red bawag have longer harvest time (75-80 days). While the spinach and kangkung harvest period is 21-25 days they can harvest it.

Iwan, another red onion farmer said, the success of onion plants is very dependent on how to care for these plants. That is, in addition to fertilization well, shallots also require adequate watering.

Hopefully what is done by BPTP Jakarta in assisting farmers through technological escort in managing their fruitful business success.