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Refocussing Balitbangtan Activities to Accelerate Achievement of Goals Ministry of agriculture

Bogor - The 2-day Agricultural Research and Development Agency (16-17 January) held a Raker with the theme "Consolidation of Manajamen Activity Year 2018 for Stabilization of Innovation Role Supports Ministry Acceleration Achievement Goals". The event was attended by all leaders of UK / UPT Balibangtan scope was held in Auditorium Ir. Sadikin Sumintawikarta, Bogor, and opened by Head of Balitbangtan.

Presented to the Working Meeting is one of the results of the Kementan National Working Meeting (RAKERNAS), where all Echelon 1 explicitly convey the request to use the IAARD's products. Even the KPK also said that other Echelon I have not used the product / technology result of IAARD.

Balitbangtan must be able to convince outsiders that with agricultural innovation (Litbangtan Agency), there is no Paciplik season, such as the use of Jarwo super technology, planting under shade, dry land technology, wetland technology, etc.

Balitbangtan has produced many technologies, and the utilization of these technology results should be utilized. Balitbangtan must stand at the front to produce technology. Currently corn is not imported. The price of corn was normal. Balitbangtan should be able to show the technology results for onion and handle onion harvest when it rains. Dissemination activities should seek the most appropriate momentum. For example when the production of red onion dropped demfarm Balitbangtan harvest. Thus, research and dissemination become synonymous.

In the Rakernas Minister of Agriculture reminded Balitbangtan to produce products loaded with technology, there must be a distinguishing audience with the results obtained Farmers. Technology must have its economic aspect in order to realize efficiency in its application. Currently need refocusing research benefits.