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Easily Make Ice Cream Moringa oleifera

Jakarta - Maybe we often hear the proverb "the world is not as wide as leaves Moringa oleifera". The phrase is certainly not without reason why choosing the leaves of Moringa and not the other leaves. And it turns out, Moringa oleifera is one plant with a million benefits, so dubbed miracle of tree. Moringa leaves contain 7 times vitamin C in oranges, 4 times calcium in milk, 4 times vitamin A in carrots, 2 times protein in milk, and 3 times potassium in bananas. So far, the consumption of moringa leaves is limited to fresh consumption, which is made only vegetable moringa. And when it has been pinned, this kelor leaf can be used as various kinds of processed and delicious merit. One of the innovations processed leaf moringa which has been reviewed by Syarifah Aminah et al in 2017 is Ice Cream Kelor. And the opportunity this time (12/12/2017), BPTP Jakarta held a processing training made from raw moringa together with representatives from KWT Bungur Empat, Cijantung Village, Pasar Rebo Subdistrict, East Jakarta held at Post Harvest Laboratory BPTP Jakarta.

In making kelor ice cream, the initial process that must be passed is to make flour Moringa leaves first. The kelor leaf sieping is introduced by BPTP Jakarta as follows: a) sorting of kelor leaf, remove yellow moringa leaf, b) separate the moringa leaf from the stalk, c) wash and drain, d) arrange on the dryer rack, e) dry in a drying machine with a temperature of 40-50ᵒC for 5 hours, f) after dry blend until smooth into flour, g) moring flour ready for use or packed. Some things to consider in making kelor leaf flour is kelor leaf (seperate kelor leaf that is too old and yellow) and drying done without blanching. If the process is done properly in accordance with the above stages, it will be obtained flour kelor with water content to 6-7% of the initial moisture content of about 80-90%. The drying machine used by BPTP Jakarta is a household scale dryer with a power consumption of 900 watts.

When moringa leaf has become flour, then the next step is making ice cream. To produce 1500 ml of Moringa ice cream, 8 grams of moringa flour, 600 ml of liquid milk, 120 grams of sugar, 4 grams of CMC, and 40 grams of creamer are required. The steps are as follows: a) Mix sugar, CMC and creamer, b) heat liquid milk ± 2menit, insert sugar mixture, cmc, and creamer, then mix well and cook again ± 3 minutes, c) Lift, then mixer dough for ± 5 minutes, d) Cool the dough, f) Insert into ice cream maker for ± 60 minutes, g) Moringa ice cream ready to serve.

One more assessment of moringa that is not less important is the packaging of fresh moringa so it is save-store at room temperature and cooler. And the results are still feasible to consume is packing by using stretch film, which leaves kelor still resistant for 3 days at room temperature, and 5 days at coolant temperature. Hopefully useful ... Regards